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Empowering, Enriching, and Educating 

Families Toward Financial Freedom.

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My Passion is to lead people that desire and believe that they deserve financial freedom with a system which has been proven to allow people to experience it.

We provide education in the areas of Time Management, Money Management and Relationship Management, the foundation for True Freedom.

My Goal this Year Is to Lead select individuals To Financial Freedom. Together we will impact the lives of many people with our system, over the next 18 months.

Over the next 5 years, our combined Network will consist of nearly 10,000 people benefiting from our services. The Freedom Project will span the globe to include many countries. I believe this will Encourage growth in economics as people become more financially literate. We will encourage a spirit of entrepreneurship with the startup capital our network has been able to save through acquired money management skills. In the future, our goal is to dedicate our resources to invest in promising startups.


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Jason C. Hannah/Awinwin is an independent distributor for NVISIONU. NVISIONU is Owned by NVISIONU, Inc. NVISIONU sells educational products that include digital and online interactive training content for analyzing, learning & discussing general and generic information related to investments and strategies. NVISIONU does not facilitate, or offer access to online platforms for, investment or online trading in securities or other financial or investment products or services. NVISIONU Inc., its independent business owners, and educators do not provide personalized recommendations or advice on investment strategy nor do they give any regulated financial services. 

DISCLAIMER: If you are an active member of International Markets Live “IML Academy” you can’t be a part of NVisionU. If you recently resigned from IML Academy you will have to wait a minimum of six (6) months before registering with NVisionU.

By signing up for an NVisionU account you are accepting the terms & conditions and confirming that you are signing up on your behalf.

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